jeudi 18 août 2011


1. My book Fracture Mechanics, Inverse Problems and Solutions, Springer 2006, contains method for solving exactly crack inverse problems in elasticity, acoustics, elastodynamics (with application to the earthquake inverse problem), heat diffusion equation. It has been translated into Russian under the title Fracture Mechanics, Fyzmalit Publisher 2010. The Russian book contains an additional topic on "Renormalizations in Solid Mechanics"

2. The book Duality, Symmetry and Symmetry lost: Selected works of H.D. Bui , Alain Ehrlacher and Xanthippi Markenscoff (Eds.), Presse des Ponts 2011, contains some of my papers in these topics, particularly the ones which give exact solutions to some inverse problems in Fracture Mechanics.
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3. Series: Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, Vol. 182
Imaging the Cheops Pyramid
Bui, H.D.
2012, 2012, XVII, 83 p. 51 illus., 39 in color.
Hardcover, ISBN 978-94-007-2656-7
Due: December 31, 2011-11-13
• About this book
• The author's densitogram of the Cheops Pyramid will for the first time be published in book form
• The gravity inverse problem is for the first time considered for a historical monument
• Illustrated with color figures
In this book Egyptian Archeology and Mathematics meet.

vendredi 11 février 2011